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Hancock GOP By-Laws

By- Laws


The Republican Executive Committee


Hancock County, West Virginia





The name of this organization shall be the

 Republican Executive Committee of Hancock County, West Virginia





Objective and Proposals


The Committee shall include, but are not limited to:


  1. Exercise jurisdiction and power over all matters relating to the Republican Party and

         its welfare in Hancock County, West Virginia.


  1. Filling vacancies that may exist on the Republican ticket for any general election,

         pursuant to all applicable laws and committee rules.


  1. Appointing legally qualified persons for appointment as registrars of the voter’s in

         the various election precincts and certifying the names and addresses of such 

         persons to the County Clerk of Hancock County.


  1. Appointing legally qualified person to act as elections officers of the various voting

         precincts of such county and certifying the names and addresses of such persons to

         the County Clerk of Hancock County.


  1. Soliciting and collecting funds with which to carry on any campaigns and to extend

         such funds as the chairman and his /her committee may deem wise and just.


  1. Conducting other business as may be delegated to it by the Republican

         Executive Committee of West Virginia and the election laws of the State of West









Article III





Section 1:

 As authorized by the laws of the State of West Virginia, members of the Executive Committee are elected every four years.  The membership of the Committee shall consist of twenty (20) individuals. Eighteen (18) elected as described in Section 2 of this article, and two (2) At-Large members chosen as described in Section 3 of this article.


Section 2:

On the off primary election years, (non-presidential) the voters of the Republican Party shall elect one male and one female from each of the following precincts to serve on the on Hancock County Republican Executive Committee for the State of West Virginia.


Grant Districts:

District 1 – Precincts - 1,2,5

District 2 – Precincts - 3,6

District 3 – Precincts – 7,8,9


Clay Districts:

District 1 – Precincts – 10,11,12

District 2 – Precincts – 13,14,19

District 3 – Precincts – 16,17,18


Butler Districts:

District 1 – Precincts – 20,22,24

District 2 – Precincts – 21,23,25

District 3 – Precincts – 27,28



Section 3:

Two (2) At-Large members shall be elected by the majority vote of the elected members at the first meeting after the election. The At-Large Members may be elected from among all registered Republicans in Hancock County.


Section 4:

All members of the Committee elected from each political division as herein provided shall reside within the county, district and precinct from which they have been elected.

In the event that an elected member moves from their elected region, he/she shall forfeit that position on the Executive Committee.


Section 5:   

The term of office for the elected members of the Committee shall begin on the first day of the month following the election and shall continue for four years.
Section 6:

The term of office for the At-Large members of the Committee shall begin at the time of their election and continue for a term of four years.


Section 7:

The members of the Committee shall fill vacancies on the Committee for the unexpired term from nominees submitted by the remaining members from magisterial district in which the vacancy exists.


Section 8:

If any Committee member fails to attend more than 50% of the Committee meetings held during a 12-month period, may be subject to removal. A vote of the Executive Committee by 2/3 is required.  A written proxy given to any member shall constitute attendance.


Section 9:

The executive committee may upon vote of member’s present, review presentation of more than four (4) proxies in a twelve (12) month period by any member of the committee. The executive committee may by a vote of members present, reject any proxy in excess of the aforementioned. Confirmation of the number of proxies presented shall be determined by the secretary’s record of the roll calls. A rejection of a proxy shall constitute non-attendance and shall subject the member submitting the proxy to the terms and conditions of Article III Section 8.


Section 10:

 An executive committee member who has not attained his/her membership through the vote conducted by the Hancock County Board of Elections may be subject to removal from the committee for any reason provided that there be a 2/3 vote of the remaining members of the committee for removal.


Section 11:

An executive committee member who has attained membership through a vote, conducted by the Hancock County Board of Elections, shall only be removed by due process. In Accordance with the Laws and Regulations of the State of West Virginia. Any Committee member that engages in unlawful, unethical, immoral or questionable activity, shall be subject to removal by the following process.


  1. Written notification to all executive committee members of the reason for


  1. Presentation of the reason(s) for removal at a regular or special meeting of the

      executive committee

  1. Presentation by any executive committee member of objections to the

       member’s removal




  1. A vote by secret ballot/verbal vote, depending on Legislative Rulings, to

     “permit”/” disallow” removal of the executive committee member


   In the event of ballot voting only, here follows.


  1. Counting of the ballots by two members of the executive committee appointed

     by the chairman to count the ballots

  1. Report results of the canvass to the secretary and the chairman of the executive


  1. Result to be announced to the committee
  2. Result to be entered into minutes of the meeting


  1. A 2/3 vote of the remaining members of the committee shall be required for






Section 1:

 The officers of the committee shall be a Chairman, a Vice Chairman, a Secretary and a Treasurer. All officers shall be elected by the members of the committee from among the committee membership.


Section 2:

The term of all officers shall be four years. Officers shall be elected at the first meeting of the committee following the regularly scheduled election of members. The term of all officers shall begin on the date of their election.


Section 3:

Vacancies in any office other than the Chairman shall be filled by the Chairman with the approval of the Committee.


Section 4:

Any Vacancy in the office of Chairman shall be filled by majority vote of the Executive Committee for the unexpired term.




Duties of the Chairman


Section 1:

The Chairman shall be the Chief Executive of the Committee and shall be responsible for the management and administration of its affairs, subject to these by-lays and any instructions given to him/her by the Committee.


Section 2: 

The Chairman shall have not have a vote at any meeting of the Committee, except where a tie vote has occurred.


Section 3:

The Chairman shall request volunteers from the Committee for Sub-Committee’s for administering events in direct relationship for the Republican Party. Of those members who have elected to work on the said named Sub-Committee, a Leader shall be appointed. The Chairman will work with the Leader and Sub-Committee for the completion of the said designated event.



Section 4:

The Chairman shall appoint a qualified Attorney - At - Large, for General Counsel for the Committee. The General Counsel shall advise the Chairman and the Committee on legal matters and perform such other services as the Board members request.

The Chairman may also appoint one or more Assistant Counsels to the Committee.


Section 5:

The Chairman shall appoint a Parliamentarian. This person should be skilled in parliamentary rules. The Parliamentarian shall advise the Chairman and the Committee on proper procedures for conducting meetings.


Section 6:

The Chairman is a member of the West Virginia State Republican Party Executive Committee and shall attend all meetings of the State Executive Committee as set forth by the Chairman of the West Virginia Republican Party.


Section 7:

The Chairman shall serve at the discretion of the Committee and maybe removed as Chairman by a 2/3 vote of the existing Committee members.


Section 8:

In the event the Chairman resigns his/her position or is removed from office by the Committee, the Vice Chairman shall temporarily become the acting chairman and assume the duties of the Chairman until the Committee elects a new Chairman. Within 60 days, a special meeting shall be called in accordance with the bylaws.


Section 9:

Resignation by the Chairman maybe in writing or oral. If the resignation is oral, it must be made in the presence of at least two Committee members. A resignation maybe accepted immediately by the Committee.





Section 10:

The Chairman shall appoint a Ballot Commissioner. The term is for 2 years, there are no term limits to this post. The Ballot Commissioner shall attend any and all functions dealing with local, state and national elections including polling, canvasing, pre and post-election results. They shall work with the County Clerk and the County election office and officers.












Duties of Other Officers


Section 1:

It shall be the duty of the Vice-Chairman to preside at all meeting of the Committee in the absence of the Chairman. The Vice-Chairman shall also perform other duties as may be assigned by the Chairman and or the Executive Committee.


  1. The Vice-Chairman shall be the designated Chairman and/or Leader of a

                 Sub-Committee and appoint members to assist on the designated event.



Section 2:    The duties of the Secretary shall include the following:


  1. Keeping an accurate journal of the minutes of all meetings of the Executive



  1. Prepare reports that the Committee and or Chairman request.


  1. Maintain all necessary correspondence of the Committee.


  1. The Chairman and or the Committee may assign the Secretary other duties.


  1. In the event that the Chairman and the Vice-Chairman are absent from a meeting the

     Secretary shall assume the duties of the day. 


Section 3:   The Duties of the Treasurer shall include the following:


  1. Maintain accounts receivables and payables for the Executive



  1. Maintain accurate records of all funds, appropriations and allocations.


  1. Be responsible for all bank transactions, record keeping and accounting for the Committee with a FDIC insured bank. The Treasurer and Chairman shall be the joint signers of these accounts.


  1. Present the Treasury report at every meeting.


  1. File all documents with the State that is requested and deemed necessary by the agencies in compliance with State rulings. These reports will be done in a timely orderly manner.


  1. Keep all records, reports and any and all other documents in a secure location.


  1. Assume duties that may be assigned by the Chairman, Vice-Chairman and/or the Secretary in their absence from a meeting.


  1. The Chairman and or the Committee may assign the Treasurer other duties.


  1. All Expenditures of the Committee shall be made by check with signatures by the Chairman and Treasurer.






Section 1:

As soon as practicable and within the first full month after the primary election of a new executive Committee, as provided by the Code of West Virginia.  Members of the Committee shall convene at a time and place designated by the Chairman of the retiring Executive Committee. Elections will take place for At-Large Members, Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer. The retiring Chairman may reside over this meeting until all new members are elected by the Committee.


Section 2:

The Executive Committee shall have regular meetings at a minimum of four per year. The Chairman will designate the time and location of said meetings.


Section 3:

Seven (7) days notice, in writing, by publication in the newspaper or by telecommunication to all committee members, shall be given to the executive committee prior to the date of any regular or special meeting


Section 4:

The notice of a special meeting shall include the purpose of such meeting. By 2/3 vote the Executive Committee may consider in a special meeting items not announced in the call of the special meeting.


Section 5:

The order of business at any regular meeting shall be as follows:

  1. Prayer
  2. Roll call of Members
  3. The reading of the minutes of the previous meeting and approval thereof.
  4. Treasury report
  5. Introduction of guests
  6. Reports of the Chairman and or other officers
  7. Reports of the Committee
  8. Unfinished business
  9. New Business
  10. Fill any vacancies of the Executive Committee
  11. Adjournment



Section 6:

Acceptance of representation by proxy by any committee member is subject to the terms and conditions as defined in Article III, Section 9, of these bylaws.


Section 7:

A majority of Committee members present either in person or by proxy, shall be necessary to constitute a quorum for the transaction of business by the Committee.




Parliamentary Authority


All meetings of the Executive Committee shall be conducted according to the procedures described in the most current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised, in all cases where they are not inconsistent with these by-laws or special or standing rules adopted by the Executive committee.






Section 1:

These By-Laws may be amended by a two-thirds vote at any meeting of the Committee, provided that the Committee members have been notified of the proposed amendments at least ten days prior to the meeting at which the vote shall be taken.



Section 2:

Any move to dissolve the Committee shall be considered an amendment and shall require the aforementioned stipulations. In addition, the Corporate Secretary shall be required to notify all members of the proposal to dissolve prior to the meeting at which the proposal is to be voted upon.












Operational Procedures




Section 1:

The Executive Committee shall have the authority to determine the location of its headquarters.



These By-Laws are hereby approved and adopted this _________ day of ____________

______________ at a regular meeting of the Hancock County Republican Executive Committee of West Virginia.




Revised 1972        

Revised 1984

Revised 1992

Revised 1994

Revised 2007

Revised 2009  Linda Wickstrom (Secretary) William Avery ( Chairman)

Revised 2012  Linda Wickstrom (Secretary) Pat McGeehan (Chairman) 

Revised 2016  Donna Zook (Secretary) Lizabeth Gregg-Baldt (Chairman)